And also Islington…

Our first post on the Militant Group / Militant Labour League of the 1930s included a Workers Songbook produced by the Leeds Branch of the MLL and we speculated that other MLL branches might have produced their own materials in an attempt to work with and recruit a wider periphery.

Yesterday we published the Merseyside Bulletin– one such example of a local publication and today we follow up with Islington Workers Voice from the same time. The copy we have is volume 1, no4 from March 1939.

This is a four side (two sheet) duplicated and stapled bulletin.


It is rumoured that the later breakaway from the Revolutionary Socialist League, going by the name of Revolutionary Workers League / Workers Fight, also had a paper called the Islington Worker.

We have not managed to track down a copy but, if it existed at all, it is possibly a direct descendent or continuation of Islington Workers Voice.

Any leads on further issues of Islington Workers Voice or Islington Worker greatly appreciated.

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