Welcome to Splits&Fusions.

Here we will showcase documents from the various tendencies of what can broadly be described as the Trotskyist movement in Britain (with a nod to Irish, US and other publications in the English language).

In most cases items will be presented without much in the way of editorial, beyond a brief (and hopefully factual) description of the group.

We will concentrate on some of the smaller and less well known groups- particularly ones which do not have an online archive already. This project is a spin off from the much larger Red Mole archive of IMG/FI documents- we do not intend to chronicle groups here in nearly so much depth but there will be some overlap of content. Similarly, our efforts complement the MIA / ETOL project which also has access to all our files.

We welcome comments on all our posts and pointers to material we may have overlooked.

In particular, we would love to hear from anyone who can fill gaps in our collections. Donations of materials are always welcome, as are loans- we promise to scan and return anything sent safely, securely and promptly.