Useful files

A few files and documents which may be of interest for a study of British Trotskyism


  • This Trotskyist family tree, found online, has a few minor errors and omissions but is quite detailed and covers the main groups well.

British Trotskyist Family Tree

  • And here is another chart covering the same area and compiled by Alun Morgan and hosted on the Revolutionary History website

British Trotskyist Groups 1929 – 2015


John Sullivan’s satirical takes on the British far left have stood the test of time and are worth re-reading-

Go Fourth and Multiply

As Soon As This Pub Closes

Here Monty Johnstone educates the young Communist League:

Trotsky and World Revlution- Cogito, YCL Theoretical Journal

And Big Flame offers its view of Trotskyism:

Big Flame: The Revolution Unfinished