Splits and Fusions- an archive of Trotskyist publications in Britain

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Welcome to Splits&Fusions.

Here we will showcase documents from the various tendencies of what can broadly be described as the Trotskyist movement in Britain (with a nod to Irish, US and other publications in the English language).

In most cases items will be presented without much in the way of editorial, beyond a brief (and hopefully factual) description of the group. Continue reading “Splits and Fusions- an archive of Trotskyist publications in Britain”

Workers News Group / Socialist Alliance

Workers NewsAt Splits and Fusions we do like to bring you some of the smaller and lesser known of the groups operating broadly on the terrain of Trotskyism.


One such was the Socialist Alliance of the early 1980s. This group was formed by the Lambeth, Battersea and South Yorkshire branches of the Workers Party- itself a split from the WRP in 1979 (later known as the International Leninist Workers Party and still in existence as the Economic, Philosophical and Science Review) in opposition to what it saw as the WPs capitulation to Stalinism.

From issue 8 of its magazine Workers News, in July 1981, the group styled itself the Socialist Alliance and this presumably marks the point at which it was expelled from the Workers Party.

By issue 21 of the approximately monthly magazine, a debate was opened in the organisation about whether to dissolve into a larger group (presumably something like the SWP or IMG) or attempt to produce a broader based paper with other groups.

However, the organisation appears to have gone into crisis at this point and the next copy of the magazine, which might have been the last, did not appear until some five months later in February 1983…

We would be interested to know more about what happened next!



Womens Voice- IS/SWP Womens Magazine

wv11Women’s Voice was the women’s magazine / newspaper of the International Socialists, later Socialist Workers Party.

We have managed to track down the 35 issues of series 1 and the 65 issues of series 2 and present them for the first time in a stand-alone archive:


The site features a brief overview and chronology of Women’s Voice together with links to some relevant articles.


The Communist- Bulletin of the British Section of the Left Opposition

communistThe Communist was the theoretical journal of the British Section of the International Left Opposition- the group which would later style itself the Communist League and publish the Red Flag but which was at that time still operating clandestinely within the Communist Party. Continue reading “The Communist- Bulletin of the British Section of the Left Opposition”

Fight- for the Fourth International- 1936 – 1938

fightFight was the publication first of the British Bolshevik Leninists (Trotskyists) or The Marxist Group.

It ran for 11 issues.

FIGHT series one

Following the fusion of the Marxist Group with the Marxist League (formerly the Communist League) to form the Revolutionary Socialist League a second series of Fight was launched, incorporating The Red Flag and running for four issues.

FIGHT series two incorporating Red Flag

Once again our scans come from the SL Publications collection and will be supplemented shortly with additional materials.

The Communist League 1- The Red Flag

RFLAG.pngBeginning in May 1933 with volume 1 no1, The Red Flag was the organ of the British Section of the International Left Opposition which, by issue 6 now styled itself the Communist League.

This ran for 11 issues before in November 1934 a single issue of volume 2 appeared.


After a hiatus of more than a year, a second series of Red Flag appeared as the organ of the Marxist League, the name adopted by the Communist League upon entry into the Labour Party. This ran for 8 issues.


Subsequently the Marxist League fused with the Marxist Group of CLR James to form the Revolutionary Socialist League and The Red Flag was incorporated into the journal Fight.

All our scans here are taken from the wonderful collection put together, in book format, by SL Publications. Long out of print, it is well worth buying if you can find a copy.

We have a number of additional items- pamphlets and leaflets – which we will post in the coming weeks to supplement this collection.

Socialist Outlook- 1948 – 1954

no149We present here a collection of 58 copies of the lively four-page tabloid newspaper Socialist Outlook which ran from late 1948 until October 1954.

The paper was published as a broad paper of the Labour left and had the support of left Labour MPS and TU leaders. It was edited by John Lawrence and effectively controlled by The Club- the name by which the Trotskyist group around Gerry Healy was known, after the disbanding of the RCP and the entry of its members into the LP- but originally had a management committee and editorial board which did not have a Club majority

When the Socialist Fellowship was set up a year later many of the people involved were the same and Socialist Outlook became a major outlet for the Fellowship’s views. However, the two remained distinct so that when the Socialist Fellowship was proscribed in April 1951, Socialist Outlook continued to publish as an independent paper.  Continue reading “Socialist Outlook- 1948 – 1954”

Revolutionary Democratic Group / Republican Marxist

RW.jpgIn my youth the RDG was a permanent fixture outside events hosted by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and, for a small group, they were a prolific producer of bulletins and leaflets.

Wikipedia gives an overview of the group its distinctive politics, history and relations with the wider left.


We present here a collection of RDG documents which includes the following: Continue reading “Revolutionary Democratic Group / Republican Marxist”