A double shot of Caffeine

It was my pleasure to go to London yesterday and meet up with Tim M.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding substantially to our archives for the Revolutionary Communist Party. We have a couple of dozen issues of Living Marxism / LM to add- all but completing the set. A fair wodge of ‘the next step’ to fill our gaps, including some specials and rarities. And a nice pile of related pamphlets, bulletins and ephemera.

We previously posted on the RCP split Analysis (and we can now add the elusive first issue of that magazine to our files).

A later spin-off, presented here, was Caffeine.

Caffeine was a 24 page newspaper printed on nice thick paper. It had all the aesthetics of Living Marxism and similar content (libel laws and censorship, moral panics, technology- the rise of the internet and the shadow of the Millenium Bug) albeit with a more central focus on media, culture and the arts.

Caffeine was published in Bristol by (?former) members or supporters of the RCP and reproduced some articles from Living Marxism with permission.

We have two issues of Caffeine. No 1 appears to be from 1996 and no2 probably from the following year. We suspect there was mo third issue. Which is a shame, as readers were invited to send a fiver for a subscription.



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