Forward to the daily (again!)

After the Workers Press, came the News Line…

Launched on 1st May 1976 News Line was a more popular tabloid paper. If Workers Press was pitched to compete with the Morning Star, think of News Line as a left competitor of the Daily Mirror!

Indeed, its later claim to fame was as the first daily paper to publish in colour!

However, it was still clearly a party paper, with articles attacking Pabloites and the US SWP jostling incongruously with TV and sports coverage.

We have a few more than 150 issues of News Line between 1976 and 1985- yet that is just a drop in the ocean of the nearly 3000 issues published in that period.

The papers are here- in folders by year (a couple of folders are currently empty for year where we have no issues).

NEWS LINE 1976 -1985

After 1985 and the split in the WRP things got a bit messy. We have already covered the rival News Lines published at that time.

The Torrance group- WRP (News Line) – still publishes a daily News Line to this day.

It must be well over issue 14,000 by now. So, that would be a hell of a scanning job!



  1. Is it worth going to all this trouble (time and expense) to put any more of these disreputable papers on a database? They represent a cult/sect that imploded in 1985.
    Surely you have more important things to spend your time on?


  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for the comment. I disagree with you and I think this deserves a proper reply.
    Firstly, I think each and every group on the left, however large or small, influential or irrelevant is or was composed of individuals who wanted to change the world in a positive way.
    Every organisation, every factional dispute, split or fusion represented to a greater or lesser degree a possible future pathway. Some were right, most were wrong, in various ways (none were wholly right or wholly wrong) and my site pays tribute to their struggles and their sacrifices, however misguided in hindsight.
    Of course, I have profound differences with many organisations for both their internal regimes and their political positions.
    But for accidents of history, any one of those pathways might have been one I followed myself. There but for the grace of Trotsky go I 😊
    Beyond that, it is a social and political history project enabling us to see how the left, in all its fractured ways, analysed and responded to historical events. That, to me is worth something, and worth my time.

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