Future Plans

Having covered most tendencies of British Trotskyism, we are interested in materials of some of the smaller and more obscure / short-lived groups.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list- we are interested in anything and everything- but our periscope is particularly scanning the horizon for the following…

British Group of the Bolshevik Faction- Moreno supporters in the IMG/FI. We have one Bulletin.

FISC- Fourth International supporters in Scargills SLP

Early British Spartacist materials (London Spartacist Group)

Early Bolshevik Tendency leaflets etc

Trotskyist Unity Group- what was it?

Splits from Workers Power- LCMRCI, RCIT, Anti-Capitalist Initiative

Revolutionary Labour League- we have one leaflet. Did they publish anything else?

Class Voice- Merseyside split form the WRP. Became Workers Voice later.

Socialist Union (Internationalist)- Doncaster based split from the Posadists

Labour Left group- Nottigham split from the Posadists

Workers Party / ILWP- early materials and documents of their split from WRP

IS Group- 1990s SWP split

More recent SWP splits- ISNetwork and RS21 esp local publications

Copies of Industrial Worker- precursor of Labour Worker / Socialist Worker

Socialist Labour Party – De Leonists

Local pamphlets and factory bulletins- all tendencies

Conference bulletins