Left Communists and Libertarians

This section includes the Left Communists and groups associated with them, groups describing themselves as Council Communists, Libertarian Socialists, ultra-lefts etc. There is also some crossover with certain strains of class struggle anarchism but we have a seperate pages decicated to the anarchists.

World Revolution, later International Communist Current (ex-Solidarity)

Revolutionary Perspectives (ex-Solidarity)

Socialist Reproduction- publishers of several pamphlets by Otto Ruhle, John Maclean and Wilhelm Reich

Communist Workers Organisation (formerly Workers Voice)

Communist Bulletin Group (ex-World Revolution)

Social Revolution (ex-SPGB) later fused with Solidarity

News of War and Revolution (ex-ICC)

External Faction of the ICC- Internationalist Perspective

Internationalist Communist Group (ex-ICC)

International Group of the Communist Left

Wildcat (formed of ex-Solidarity / Social Revolution and ICC in Manchester)

Subversion (ex-Wildcat)

Related groups and projects Ultra-Left Review, Careless Talk & Intercomm, Counter-Information, Red Menace, Proletarian Gob.

Magazines- Here and Now, Aufheben, Radical Chains.

Communist Headache, A Communist Effort.

London Workers Group / Workers Playtime

Workers Council Socialists

Echanges Et Mouvement

The Bordigist International Communist Party has split many times and each split kept the original name, distinguished only by its publication. Several ICPs have an English language press but only the International Communist Party (Communist Left) is known to have British supporters.
International Communist Party (Communist Left / The Communist Party)

International Communist Party (The Proletarian)

International Communist Party (The Internationalist)

International Communist Party (The Internationalist Proletarian)