Another step forwards…

We have recently added another tranche of issues of the Revolutionary Communist Party’s tabloid ‘the next step’ and replaced a few issues where our own copies had missing pages.

Our run of TNS is now substantially complete and can be found here, organised in folders by year


The numbering system is a little erratic (general feature of the British left) with consecutive numbers in the earlier years and then as the frequency increased the numbering was by year so starting with ‘number 1’ again each January.

How to make sense of it all? Oh, if only there was an index.

Well, there is. And it is an absolute beast weighing in at 76 pages:

the next step Index 1979-1992

(An earlier index for just the first 11 issues, can be found here)

TNS ran up until 1992 as a tabloid. It gradually reduced in size and frequency as the RCP put the bulk of its resources into Living Marxism. TNS then became a ‘demo special’ or later more of an organising newsletter.

Whilst we are here, there is an amusing production anecdote from the early 80s. The US invasion of Grenada led to the production of one of the first TNS 4-page specials.Unfortunately, the headline came out as “Hands Off Greneda” rather than “Grenada”.

Undaunted, our intrepid designer Tim spent days and nights manually overprinting the offending headline on 1000? 2000? copies.

He can fill in the details in the comments…

Offending headline:

Early attempt at a fix:

Eventually overprinted version:

Hands Off Grenada


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  1. I am very impressed by your efforts in cataloguing all these materials
    The remarks/ commentary made me laugh so much.


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