A quick WIN

I first saw an entry for a Workers International News, in the Bishopsgate Library catalogue.

A similar entry appeared in the catalogue of the Working Class Movement Library:

But what could it be? A new Trotskyist group we had never heard of?

I ruled out the Workers Internationalist League which had actually published four issues of a paper of the same name in the earlier 1980s.

And then I actually found a copy of a magazine with the right title and right date amongst other files. So, this was it. From the look of it, a publication of the Militant / Grant tendency but it bears no publication or address info.

The one we have is issue 3 and is entirely concerned with Sri Lanka.

The Splits&Fusions Facebook massive then confirmed that this was indeed the internal bulletin of the Committee For A Workers International.

Comrade Ciaran then scanned issues 1, 2 and 4 from his collection and sent me the files.

No 1 is from June 1987 and is on the Spanish school students struggle.

No2 is probably from the same year and carries perspectives for the Philippine revolution.

The fourth issue has a proper cover, with a touch of colour- the previous three having been pulpy newsprint type paper throughout. It is also dual language- English and Spanish and covers developments in the stalinist states

That dates it to around 1989 or 1990.

Ciaran tells me there were at least two further issues- 5 and 6. These may come to light eventually- possibly at Bishopsgate.



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