Socialist Worker to 1983

I am a chronic procrastinator and I am easily distracted! To get large scanning jobs done I set myself targets, I fill notebooks and scraps of paper with plans and over-optimistic schedules. It kind of works and I have just completed a run of Socialist Workers from 1983 having forced myself to do so by end of January.

My post-it notes now tell me I have to do 1984 to 1986 through February, March and April.

Here are the 1983 scans.


1983 was the year of….

CND and Greenham Common, rising unemployment and the Peoples March for Jobs

The Karl Marx centenary a General Election with a Labour Party galloping to the right and witch-hunting its left wing.

Cowley moles, print workers betrayed by the TUC and Yorkshire miners striking

Not quite a full run yet.

I have some of the missing copies as individual page photos which I will piece together and add (that is more time consuming than scanning)

The rest of our SW copies- 1968 onwards- can be found here:



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