A rare find…

I watched a BBC news report recently about a chap who scours second hand shops and boot sales for old reel-to-reel tapes in the hope of finding rare audio recordings of long lost radio shows. He had recently uncovered a trove of recordings of Desert Island Discs from the 1950s and 60s.

I had something of the same feeling last week when, reading down the list of items recently acquired and scanned by The Sparrows Nest in Nottingham, I saw “Class Voice v1 no2”

Surely not THE Class Voice, paper of the group of former members of Gerry Healy’s Socialist Labour League who were expelled in 1969 or 1970?

Yes, it appears that it is, and I would be interested to learn where the Nest got it (presumably very recently as I have interrogated their online catalogue a fair few times previously). I have a few guesses…

[And my best guess is confirmed… it came from Laurens Otter. Pleased to know his collections have found a good home.]

Now, as everyone knows, CV had a short life. I had assumed just one issue. This find proves at least two and from internal evidence both were 1971.

(Just noted a comment in Workers Voice no1 indicates there were three issues of Class Voice)

But then it merged with Joe Thomas and Terry Liddle’s Workers Review.

WORKERS Review and Class VOICE became WORKERS VOICE, continuing both the appearance and the volume numbering of Class Voice.

So, Class Voice must be super, super rare. Now, it may be that some ex members of this group (we know of a couple) could just have a copy of issue 1 stashed away somewhere, gathering value like a lost Van Gogh… Or one might turn up at a boot sale.



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