Enemy Lines- Common Cause

In June we posted an issue of the anti-union British Gazette issued by Lady Jane Birdwood.

As a second entry in our Enemy lines series we present an earlier, and more substantial, journal Common Cause, established in 1952 and another project with which Birdwood was associated…

We have two issues of Common Cause.

Issue 112 is from Summer 1965 and issue 114 is from Winter the same year. Both are nicely produced small magazines and focus on Trotskyism and its supporters in Britain, with historical overviews of the movement.

However, the main aim of Common Cause, as stated in each issue, was to witch-hunt the Communist Party by ‘exposing’ its many supposed front organisations and by publishing the names and addresses of prominent CP supporters.

Whilst the two issues we have are 60 page pamphlets it is not clear if CC was always issued in such a format or whether these were ‘specials’. It refers to itself as a newsletter.

Interestingly one of our copies has a completely blank white cover over the colour printed cover. Possibly a nod to security or paranoia.


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  1. One edition of “Common cause” focussed on the SLL and their “work” . It was around 1965/66. My father was a branch secretary of Edmonton 4 AEU and received a mailing from CC.
    I read it avidly finding out about the Banda brothers (Van Der Poorten I think), their wives/ partners and aspects of the Healy group: it’s infiltration into groups etc.


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