New Interventions…

New Interventions ran for more than 50 issues over 20 years between 1990 and 2011.

It described itself as :

“… a socialist magazine, independent of any party and of any left group. Our aim is to provide an open forum for all shades of radical left opinion. We believe that dialogue and discussion are particularly important at this time because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and official communist parties throughout the world, the increasing moves to the right of social democratic parties, and the sectarianism and bureaucratic centralism of left groups. What socialism is and should be is not as obvious as it used to be. Basic rethinking is required.”

Originally set up by Ken Tarbuck in March 1990 as a modest monthly newsletter it took its name from Tarbuck’s earlier project Interventions.

By volume 4 no2 in 1993 it had become a magazine and was commercially printed rather than home printed / photocopied.

Ken Tarbuck died in August 1995 and it is fitting that his last article, published in New Interventions, was an obituary for Ernest Mandel. Editorship of the mag fell to our friend Paul Flewers and NI continued for another 15 years or so, albeit with decreasing frequency.

Paul says “We were forced to stop publishing the magazine because of the declining number of left-wing bookshops and the fact that people were starting to publish material on the Internet rather than wait several months for it to appear in print.”

It is also noteworthy that NI was a contemporary of Bob Pitt’s What Next? magazine which ploughed a very similar furrow.

We are grateful to Paul for pulling together the later issues of NI from his files. The earlier ones we have scanned.

We also have a few New Interventions special issues or supplements and some pamphlets under the Marken Press imprint.


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