Red Rebel and the Revolutionary Vanguard

This is our third and final communique from the outer fringes of British Maoism…

Referring to Conquer the World / RCM The Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism Online says simply this:

“A splinter, seemingly based in the Kurdish struggle, emerged in 1989. Calling itself ’the Revolutionary Vanguard in Britain,’ it produced Red Rebel, (six issues at least appeared during 1990/91) which had a limited circulation.”

Red Rebel had a similar style to CTW with some great graphics and slogans, an obsession with pigs and dinosaurs and perhaps an attempt to appeal more to proletarian youth.

However, it was also a substantial magazine which regularly contained a theoretical supplement “Bullets”.

Issue 3 on Trotskyism and the SWP, issue 5 on the liberation of Ireland and issue 6 on learning from the Peoples’ War in Peru.

Also in issue 6 we see an advert for a student paper- Shining Path.

We have never seen a copy. It would be great to get one if it existed but it seems the Revolutionary Vanguard group folded shortly after this.

Besides the magazine, they also issued a series of standalone leaflets under the title Red Rebel Flying-High Flyers. Again we don’t have any of these…

Our archive contains 4 out of the 6 issues of Red Rebel published between 1990 and 1991.


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