Conquer the World – the international proletariat must and will!

Conquer the World was late 1980s early 1990s publication of the group styling itself the Supporters of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in Britain (“RIM supps”).

From the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism online (EROL):

“The Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent in Britain was the UK affiliate of an international project initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA called the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM). When RIM announced its existence in March 1984, two local English groups were signatories on its Declaration: The Nottingham Communist Group (NSG) and the Stockport Communist Group…

In 1986, the two groups reconstituted themselves as the Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent in Britain (RIC) – a pre-party organisation – on the basis of a published programmatic document, Break The Chains! Manifesto of the RIC. It was described by ’Harry Powell’, NCG’s leading (and eventually only) member, as a theoretical advance over anything previously produced by Maoists in Britain…

The RIC had a London-based counter-part, consisting largely of exiled militants of the Iranian Sarbedaran organisation, supported by a sprinkling of students. As a combined force, they number around twenty….

Unity between the RIC and the London group proved difficult to maintain. The Nottingham-based remnant was unable to cement organisational/programmatic unity with the London-based comrades, and it split in mid-1987.

There followed a period of confusion. The London group, presenting itself as “Supporters of the RIM in Britain”, began producing a journal, ’Conqueror the World’ in 1988, that saw 13 issues (at least by December 1991). At the same time, the organisation, largely Iranian in composition, was renamed, in the spring of 1991 the Revolutionary Communist Maoists (RCM).”

The name Revolutionary Communist Maoists also appears on a number of leaflets.

A wonderful cut and paste and Lettraset effort, photocopied with the odd splash of red ink, Conquer the World had all the aesthetics of an early 1980s punk fanzine. It was always eagerly sought out on demos for its ‘interesting’ style and slogans.

In an attempt to appeal to youth, issue 10 (pages 30-31) offers us the “real deal on turtles…” a double page spread in comic book form which criticises the (then popular) Teenage Mutant Hero turtles for their willingness to work with the police!!

Re-reading these after 30 years I get a feeling of deja-vu all over again…

Surprisingly it ran for at least 16 issues between 1988 and 1992 of which we have seven, including Special Issue no 16.


Items loaned from Bob Jones and originally from Ross Longhurst’s archives.

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