Red Star- A Marxist-Leninist Journal

Thanks to Bob Jones of Northern Herald books for lending us these issues of Red Star, journal of the Nottingham Communist Group, from the collection of the late Ross Longhurst (Harry Powell).

Red Star was an A5 sized journal. Duplicated rather than photocopied or printed some of the pages are very faint in the original. The covers are coloured paper with red inked logos- presumably hand produced silk screen or lino-cut.

Red Star ran for at least 9 issues from October 1980 until January 1992 and some of the later issues were 80+ page behemoths!

We have four issues:

Red Star no4 October 1980

Red Star no7 July 1981

Red Star no8 October 1981

Red Star no9 Jan-April 1982

We also have a few pamphlets from the Nottingham Communist Group:

Work Is A Four Letter Word

Quotations From Mao

Revolution the Only Way Forward

The Real Choice We Face

The Threat Of Fascism

Some of the pamphlets above, the Quotations From Mao one at least, were later reproduced by Ross under the Revolutionary Praxis imprint which he continued to sell until his death.


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