Cliff Slaughter 1928 – 2021

[UPDATE- 14th August 2021. The WSWS / SEP has begun a detailed serialised account of Slaughter’s life. There is a link to it below]

Cliff Slaughter has died. As an important figure in the post-war British Trotskyist movement we will post here any obituaries and commentaries on his life and legacy.

“Cliff Slaughter died at 8 pm on Tuesday May 3rd , having been in a coma for the last few days. He had had a heart attack recently which he survived apparently in reasonably good spirits, but then had to be taken to hospital again with other problems. He was 92.” Paul Henderson, via Facebook.


Andrew Burgin gives us this assessment, originally via Facebook:

A Few Words for Cliff Slaughter


Phil Hearse, writing for RedMoleRising has a more critical approach, using Andrews notes as a starting point for his reply.

Cliff Slaughter- A Critical Appraisal


Victor Osprey’s interview with Cliff Slaughter, from 2020- which we carried- must stand as his last interview. He gave very few anyway and this one does not really give much in the way of new information or insights.


The World Socialist Website- vehicle of the Socialist Equality Party / ICFI offers a preliminary obituary here::


And from Gerry Downing’s Socialist Fight:


Sdean Matgamna’s memories of Cliff Slaughter can be found here:


The Daily telegraph also ran an obituary. It is behind a paywall.

World Socialist Website- Cliff Slaughter, a political biography parts 1 – 4

We will add more items as they become available.

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