Coming out of our caves- the joy that was Melancholic Troglodytes

Here at Splits & Fusions we like to bring you the obscure and the unusual. So, to round off a weird year we bring you one of the strangest publications to come out of the late 1980s left-communist scene.

Melancholic Troglodytes was a dual language (English and Persian) magazine which ran for at least seven issues between 1996 and 2005.

Each issue was ‘lavishly illustrated’ and I remember at the time not understanding a word of what I was reading but enjoying looking at the pictures all the same.

We believe the originators of this ground-breaking journal to have been part of the loose collective which produced the Red Menace newsletter around 1989- another publication well worth a read.

We had the first four issues of MT:

Melancholic Troglodytes no1 1996

Melancholic Troglodytes no2 Jan 1998– Star Trek stuff

Melancholic Troglodytes no2.5 Autumn 1999– More Star Trek, and cinema

(Was there a number 3?)

and Melancholic Troglodytes no4 Spring 2001– Psychology and Class Struggle

Then John E went and put a spanner in the works by producing a copy of Melancholic Troglodytes no7 from May 2005 (Godfathers of Levant) so, naturally we will not rest until we have seen issues 5 and 6…

In 2003 Melancholic Troglodytes guest edited an issue of the Annual Review of Critical Psychology no3 on Anti Capitalism

(The ARCP is usually a vehicle for the middle-class musings of our good friend and comrade Ian Parker…)


Little else is known of this mysterious group but it is rumoured that they were last seen heading north to build ziggurats in Scotland….

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