Workers Voice, CWO and the Communist Bulletin Group

Ingram contacted us to offer a welcome corrective to our post on the Workers Voice group and the pre-history of the Communist Workers Organisation:

“Your comment on Worker’s Voice origins and end are not quite correct. Those in England describing themselves as Marxists in Solidarity split from that organisation and Cardan around 1972 after a fractious conference in Glasgow.

The Scots went on to form the Revolutionary Perspectives / Communist Workers Organisation after contact with French comrades regrouping round Italian and German Left positions as did, separately, the English Marxists who formed World Revolution.

Lots of reasons why at that time the Scots and English did not combine – Luxemburg vs FRP positions of Capitalist Crisis and some personal issues.

Workers Voice were in contact with RP and regrouped with them.

But the Voices found it difficult to accept that there had been a proletarian revolution in Russia, walked away from the regroupment and eventually disappeared.

Individuals gravitated to Bordigism(?) and one to WR/ICC or disappeared completely.

By 1976 a minority in the CWO could see no reason for WR and CWO not to join together and left CWO to join ICC. Both WR/ICC and CWO continue to this day.

The Communist Bulletin Group consisted mostly of the ex-CWO members of WR who split from WR itself in 1978. See the Communist Bulletin for details.”

We have all 16 issues of Communist Bulletin, which ran until 1995.

These were cribbed from a variety of sources, including

Not to be confused with the other Communist Bulletin!


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