The Socialist Federation

SFedHitherto, the Socialist Federation of the mid-1980s was known to us only from a single reference in the preface to John Callaghan’s “Far Left In British Politics” and an entry in the Encyclopedia Of British and Irish Political Organizations. However, this entry has only Callaghan as a source and makes the unsubstantiated claim that the SF involved Red Action, ex-SWPers and possibly the RCG!

The catalogue at Sparrows Nest suggests holdings of a Socialist Federation publication but we have been unable to locate them so far.

So, we were pleased to find two SF articles- probably two pages of a discussion bulletin.

First a perspectives article written in the wake of the miners’ strike by a Manchester member and second an amended draft of the SF constitution submitted by the Bradford branch.

We hope our readers can respond to this post with more information about the Socialist Federation, its origins and fate…



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