Irish Workers Group- Irish Militant

The Irish Workers’ Group  originated as the Irish Workers Union, which later called itself the Irish Communist Group.

irish-militant-page-1.jpgThe group was to split between its Trotskyist and Maoist wings. The latter broke away to form the Irish Communist Organisation, later British and Irish Communist Organisation. The former became the Irish Workers’ Group, led by Gery Lawless. The IWG produced a paper Irish Militant and a theoretical journal An Solas/Workers’ Republic.

By 1967 a section of the IWG based in London, around Sean Matgamna and Rachel Lever launched Workers Fight. A section with support in Ireland then formed the League for a Workers Republic which entered discussions with the Socialist Labour League.

Other members of the IWG later influential in the Irish far-left were Eamonn McCann, a leader of the Socialist Workers Party, and Michael Farrell, a leader of the now defunct People’s Democracy.

We have 16 copies of Irish Militant, a four page tabloid paper, from issue 1, April 1966 through to vol3 no4 in 1968



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