The Marxist Group and the ILP

osloThe Marxist Group had its origins in the Communist League minority of Denzil Harber which joined the ILP as a Bolshevik-Leninist Fraction.

We have a small number of Marxist Group pamphlets and documents- some put out under the Marxist Group’s own name and others as publications of various ILP branches.

Thus the pamphlet Stalinist Bureaucracy and the Assassination of Kirov is published by the ILP Marxist Group whereas Trotsky on the ILP Leadership is published by the Islington ILP Branch and Trotsky Replies to New Leader Attack by the Clapham ILP branch- albeit with a forward by the Marxist Group.

Both of these pamphlets use the same cover illustration of a signpost.

Less a pamphlet than a duplicated document, Trotsky on Centrism was circulated by Acton ILP. And finally, the pamphlet Stalin’s Treason and World Revolution is put out by Henry Sara but also has an advertisement for the Clapham Socialist Bookshop which address also doubled as the address of Clapham ILP.

Readers will note that many of these pamphlets are marked as for internal (ILP) circulation only.



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