The Northites- ICP to WSWS- an update

GH ExpIn May we covered the International Communist Party– one of the groups emerging from the break up of the WRP and we noted:

“The ICP published nine issues of a Young Socialist paper (which we do not have) before launching International Worker newspaper in July 1986.”

Now we have significantly expanded our collection of International Worker, adding a further 35 issues here:


Alongside papers such as Workers News (WIL) and Workers Press (Slaughter WRP) it is a useful resource in tracing the real-time dynamics of the WRP meltdown as well as the evolution of the North-led ICFI. Additionally, the paper is largely taken up with extensive defences of the Security and the Fourth International campaign as well as reprints from the US Workers League newspaper the Bulletin and various manifestos of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

We also now have two of the nine issues of Young Socialist published by this group v11 no54, headlined Build The International Communist Party and v11 no56. These follow the numbering of the pre-split YS but the address given is the Rotherham address of the ICP.

And we also now have two issues from the split itself v11 no40 and no42

The first of these prints the famous Aileen Jennings letter which crystallised the expulsion of Healy from the WRP.


By the start of the new millenium, the ICP along with its co-thinkers internationally, rebranded itself as the Socialist Equality Party and the printed paper gave way to the World Socialist Website. At around this time the website was supplemented with a printed review- a substantial quarterly magazine of which we have four issues


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