The Militant Tendency- Militant, MIR and a bucketful of pamphlets

militantpaper2The one question we get asked the most is whether we will be scanning runs of ‘Militant’ and related publications.

Certainly the absence of materials from one of the most important of the international tendencies claiming adherence to Trotskyism is something which needs to be rectified and in our printed Bulletin (copies still available on request) we expressed a hope that supporters of the Socialist Party / Militant might want to take on the task of putting their extensive back catalogue online. And, by coincidence, that is just what someone has done…

Anyone wanting a complete ten year run of Militant 1978 – 1987 can now obtain the files by searching on Facebook for “Militant Digital Archive” They will cost you £15 (or £2 for a single year) which is well worth it considering the effort put into creating them by John G.

Hopefully, that is an ongoing project and we can look forward to more in the future and a permanent home on the internet, perhaps at the Marxist Internet Archive.

Meanwhile, at Splits&Fusions we have also been busy scanning copies of the Militant theoretical journal / magazine Militant International Review which ran from 1969-1995


We have 55 issues all available to you for free:


We also have a small number of scans of Militant from the earlier 1960s and 1970, including issue 1 from 1964.


And our growing, but unsorted, file of Militant and related pamphlets and leaflets.


And whilst we are about it, we should flag up two additions to our file of the Grant group’s earlier paper SOCIALIST FIGHT– volume 2 no 1 for January 1960 plus the pamphlet “France In Crisis”


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