IS and the turn to Democratic Centralism

imagesWe are pleased to host John Rudge’s comprehensive account of the 1968 IS conference which you may download here:

PDF format

ePub format

Mobi format

John writes: “Following the recent online publication of my account of the 1968 debates within IS that led to “the turn to Democratic Centralism”, I have had requests to produce a “user-friendly” version. People also wanted to be able to navigate across the text. The question was, how to do it?

My friends at “Splits and Fusions” immediately stepped up to the plate and offered their services.

I am immensely grateful to Rob Marsden and Keith Sinclair of “Splits and Fusions” for their hosting of this piece of IS history. James Bowen is the driving force behind the production of this “user-friendly” and navigable document – without him it would never have happened. Thanks.

 We all hope that the research will not only clarify history, but also provide some lessons for today.”


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