The Intervention Collective

Intervention fAccording to a participant, Paul Hoggett, the Intervention Collective was “a free wheeling Marxist discussion forum led by a very thoughtful self taught intellectual, Ken Tarbuck who had rejected orthodox communism back in  the 1930s”

Like Paul, members “had been in various Trotskyist sects during the 1970s”
The collective put out a magazine, Intervention. We have three issues (below) and a fourth (and maybe more) was at least planned if not published.
Additionally, there was a substantial Intervention Discussion Bulletin of which we have nos 1, 7 and 8 plus a supplement to no 8. The last page of no 8 ends abruptly but we have two idenctial issues, both with the same fault so perhaps the last page was always missing!
A second bulletin Intercorr appears to be more ‘internal’. The ‘special’ for November 1978 reprints a Socialist Charter discussion piece and then has Intervention commentary on it.
Intercorr Volume 3 no5 for April 1980 is a scrappier affair including a resignation letter and a schedule for an Intervention / Chartist day school on Ireland which also appears to have involved Big Flame.
Discussions with the Socialist Charter group would appear to have been a significant focus of the Intervention Collectives work…



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