Fight Racism Fight Imperialism- The RCG


1988. One of the first things this aspiring lefty student did, upon arrival in Lancaster, was look for suitable attire. So, I soon kitted myself out in a couple of t-shirts bought from Single Step- the local wholefood co-op. One was a rather nice Nicaragua solidarity Sandino t-shirt, the other had a simple constructivist design of circles and wedges and the words “Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism”. I wore it for months, little realising that rather than simply being a neat slogan, it was actually the title of a newspaper published by the Revolutionary Communist Group

As we have mentioned before, our definition of Trotskyism, for the purposes of this Blog, is quite elastic and we include the RCG here on the basis of its origins- as a faction within the International Socialists in the mid-1970s. That said, as evidenced by the papers and journals presented here, the RCG evolved rapidly away from Trotskyism towards a form of third-world Marxism or Marxism-Leninism (in the process throwing off the group which would become the Revolutionary Communist Tendency / Revolutionary Communist Party)

We present here the nine issues of the RCG journal Revolutionary Communist and an ongoing collection of the newspaper Fight Racism Fight Imperialism (around 45 issues added so far). Issue 1 appeared as an A4 bulletin but thereafter it was a 12 or 16 page tabloid which continues to this day.

Also we have a collection of Irish materials including two issues of the Hands Off Ireland bulletin which was later incorporated into the newspaper.

Then we have a file of miscellaneous bulletins, pamphlets and leaflets including a pamphlet from the Viraj Mendis Defence Campaign with which the RDG was intimately involved.


We are particularly interested in acquiring / loaning further issues of FRFI…

UPDATE- December 2018- a further 50+ issues of FRFI added, courtesy of Richard H.



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