The LSSP pamphlets

middleThe Ceylonese LSSP was, from the 1950s, one of the more significant sections of the Fourth International.

The role played by student members of the LSSP studying in Britain in the re-establishment of the British section is well known.

At this time, the LSSP published an extensive series of nicely produced English language pamphlets- mainly reprints of classic texts- and, presumably, these formed part of the political armoury of those Ceylonese students…

We have five of these pamphlets:

Last Words of Adolf Joffe

Trotsky- In Defence of Insurrection

Trotsky on Lenin

Trotsky- Whither Europe

Zimmerwald Manifesto

We also have fragments of a sixth pamphlet Trotsky- In the Middle Of The Road just the cover and a few pages but, intriguingly the name written on the inside cover is one E. Grant…

If any of our readers have any more from this series, please get in touch and help us compile a complete list.



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