WIL and Red Youth…

RYThere is nothing quite so satisfying as solving a mystery.

For some while we have had copies of a duplicated bulletin “Red Youth” dating from 1985-6. As this paper shares its title with the earlier WSL / Socialist Youth League paper we assumed it was linked either to the Thornett-Lister Socialist Group (Socialist Viewpoint) or the ‘de-fused’ WSL of Matgamna and so we filed it under “WSL” alongside the earlier Red Youth.

Now it appears we were wrong on both counts and the paper was actually published by the Workers Internationalist League– more specifically the late period WIL around Dale A and based in Bradford.

This was the group which remained after the WIL split and then partially reformed to give rise to the RIL.

Graham S writes “The rump WIL was the half dozen or so people who remained after the Tendency for Political Clarification decamped and formed the RIL with those who had split earlier. The continuity WIL had no international affiliations and barely a dozen members left, I only came across two. Their main publication was Red Youth (basically centred on Bradford) which survived for about six or so copies, they produced one magazine format publication still called Workers International Review outlining their view of the history of the SLL/WSL and WiL after which they really just petered out, I last came across them at the LPYS summer camp in 86. I dont think they lasted much longer.”




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