The revolutionary socialist organisation Big Flame

SongBig Flame- was not a Trotskyist organisation or paper, but a local revolutionary socialist grouping based, at first, on Merseyside.

However, it worked with Trotskyists, gained memebrs from and lost members to, Trotskyist groups and shared many similar positions.

However, the best place to start to learn about BF is not here but at the excellent, and comprehensive Big Flame blog.

What we can add to their thematic discussion of the organisation is a substantial collection of issues of Big Flame newspaper.

Some of these were gleaned from the BF Blog and a few we scanned at the Sparrows Nest archive but the majority came from the collection of Barry Buitekant.

So, we have some fifty or more issues and it would be really good if we could get the others to complete the set…

Also we have a small collection of documents, bulletins, pamphlets which we would like to add to…





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