International Communist Party- British Section of the ICFI

IWWe have previously covered most of the groups which came from the break up of the Workers Revolutionary Party in 1985 so we are pleased now to be able to bring you a few publications of the International Communist Party, British Section of the ICFI which was linked to David North’s then US Workers League.

First formed in February 1986 from a split in the ranks of the WRP (Workers Press) group led by Dave Hyland. The ICP published nine issues of a Young Socialist paper of which we have two. These continued the volume part numbering of the Workers press version of the YS paper. The group then launched International Worker newspaper in July 1986.

We have over 40 issues of International Worker along with two issues of the relaunched ICFI magazine Fourth International here which cover in detail their side of the split in the WRP.

International Communist Party Archive

International Worker continued for a number of years with well over 100 issues so we would love to be able to track down more copies.

The ICP later became the Socialist Equality Party, which still exists and is linked to the World Socialist Web Site.


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