Brian Behan and the Workers Party / Workers Voice

wvBrian Behan, brother of the writer Brendan Behan, was a prominent trade union activist based in London.

Despite his anarcho-syndicalist leanings he joined the CPGB in the early 1950s before leaving it in 1956 over the Soviet invasion of Hungary.

He then joined The Club / Socialist Labour League from which he was expelled in in May 1960, with a few supporters.

They then founded the Workers Party, which published Workers’ Voice

We have one issue of Workers Voice- volume 1 no 1 for 7th July 1960

The expulsion of Brian Behan from the SLL and the forming of the Workers Party is covered in Workers News Bulletin (Workers League)

The Workers Party was short lived and, as attested to by this letter (found on the excellent Anarchist archive site Sparrow’s Nest) in early 1961 it fused with the anarcho-syndicalist Syndicalist Workers Federation.

This article at Northern Voices also refers to the WP / SWF merger.

Hopefully one day we will add a few more items to our


UPDATE 8/4/18-  Just added the Draft Programme of the Workers Party.


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