British Committee for the Defence of Leon Trotsky

StakeAn attempt to emulate the American committee of the same name, the British Committee for the Defence of Leon Trotsky met with considerably less success, for reasons which Martin Upham goes into in great detail here.

We currently have two items published by the BCDLT.

First the pamphlet I Stake My Life.

Upham mentions the lack of co-ordination between the component groups of the Committee which led to its publication of this pamphlet whilst at the same time the Militant Group arranged for bulk import of the American printing…

Then we have one issue (no2) of the Information Bulletin of the Committee.

Interestingly note 79 in Upham mentions that whilst it is thought only two issues of the IB were produced another source suggests there were five. Perhaps one of our readers can put that one to rest…?



One thought on “British Committee for the Defence of Leon Trotsky”

  1. A sign of the lack of coordination between the Trotskyist groups is the following:

    “Trotsky Defence Ctte. The committee had met but could not do much owing to the overshadowing of trial by crisis. Was seeking opinions of leading labourites and intellectuals on Dewey report with a view to publication. Dewar and SLF were now attempting to sabotage anti-terror committee. By suggesting that the powers of TDC be enlarged to cover this work. ESJ had pointed out that when this was suggested some months ago, it had been Dewar who opposed it with the result that we had gone ahead with separate committee. RSL supported our viewpoint. Agreed that we consult with RSL with a view to its taking action in SLF to counter the move of Dewars”.

    ESJ is Starkey Jackson.

    From the minutes of Militant Executive Committee 19/3/38. In my possession.


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