The Socialist Current Group

SCrThe Socialist Current journal began publication in 1956 and was subtitled “Incorporating the International Socialist” which was the journal of the Revolutionary Socialist League of Ted Grant at the time. The link with the Grantites did not last long and by the following year a Socialist Current Group was established, it leading members being Frank Rowe, Morry Solloff and Sam Levy.

For the next three decades the group published Socialist Current as a stapled journal, occasionally an oddly sized, over-large ‘tabloid’ on a monthly basis and had a prodigious outpouring of pamphlets and supplements covering topics ranging from the imprisonment of Hugo Blanco, the struggles of the Zengakuren in Japan to CND and the Aldermaston March in Britain..

SC Flyer November 1962

Politically the group was Trotskyist but seemed to embrace an eclectic mix of politics- for example, in the late 1960s at least, the SC Group was close to the US Spartacists, distributed their materials and republished some of their statements, sometimes in pamphlet form yet, at one and the same time, Socialist Current was a signatory to calls by libertarian groups, from an anarchist or syndicalist background to organise explicitly libertarian socialist contingents on major demonstrations…

Sometimes the numbering of the journals was erratic or non-existent so we have organised our holdings accordingly:

Socialist Current magazine as cover numbered by volume / part or whole number – from May 1956 to the early 1980s

This includes ‘”specials” which are essentially pamphlets but which have a volume / part number as SC issues.

Socialist Current un-numbered issues– mostly from the early 1980s based on their contents

Socialist Current pamphlets – Many of these are referred to as ‘specials’ but unless they have a volume / part number they are included here

Socialist Current supplements and special issues. Shorter than pamphlets. Includes the Newham By-Election special issue April May 1974

To quote Pauline Rowe: The worst you can say about Socialist Current, which peaked with a membership of 10, was that it got nowhere in its 32 years. The best is that it introduced a few people to Socialist ideas.

SC flyer Debate on Nuclear Weapons July 1963


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