International Socialist League- Socialist Voice- the British Morenists

Nahuel MorenoThe ISL is the British affiliate of the International Workers League (FI) better known by its Spanish language initials the LIT (CI)- the international tendency associated with the Argentinian Trotskyist Nahuel Moreno.

The origin of the ISL lies in the break up of the  Workers’ Revolutionary Party (WRP) in the 1980s. It was founded as the Bolshevik Faction of the WRP (Workers Press) group in August 1987.

In February 1988 the future Bolshevik Faction, led by veteran Trotskyist Bill Hunter and Martin Ralph, split from the WRP. Its membership was concentrated mainly in the north of England in the Manchester and Liverpool areas.

The November 2011 special issue of Socialist Voice gives a brief history of the IWL(FI)

Our ISL ARCHIVE contains some 70 issues of the magazine Socialist Voice together with various ISL pamphlets, leaflets and supplements.

We also have a small number of English language IWL publications such as the journal International Courier.

As ever, if any readers can supply us with additional materials to scan, particularly those of the international current, please get in touch.


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