Workers News Group / Socialist Alliance

Workers NewsAt Splits and Fusions we do like to bring you some of the smaller and lesser known of the groups operating broadly on the terrain of Trotskyism.


One such was the Socialist Alliance of the early 1980s. This group was formed by the Lambeth, Battersea and South Yorkshire branches of the Workers Party- itself a split from the WRP in 1979 (later known as the International Leninist Workers Party and still in existence as the Economic, Philosophical and Science Review) in opposition to what it saw as the WPs capitulation to Stalinism.

From issue 8 of its magazine Workers News, in July 1981, the group styled itself the Socialist Alliance and this presumably marks the point at which it was expelled from the Workers Party.

By issue 21 of the approximately monthly magazine, a debate was opened in the organisation about whether to dissolve into a larger group (presumably something like the SWP or IMG) or attempt to produce a broader based paper with other groups.

However, the organisation appears to have gone into crisis at this point and the next copy of the magazine, which might have been the last, did not appear until some five months later in February 1983…

We would be interested to know more about what happened next!




One thought on “Workers News Group / Socialist Alliance”

  1. My pal Ron Lind was a member of the Workers News Group; I haven’t seen him for a while, and I’m not sure if he’s still alive.


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