The Communist League 1- The Red Flag

RFLAG.pngBeginning in May 1933 with volume 1 no1, The Red Flag was the organ of the British Section of the International Left Opposition which, by issue 6 now styled itself the Communist League.

This ran for 11 issues before in November 1934 a single issue of volume 2 appeared.


After a hiatus of more than a year, a second series of Red Flag appeared as the organ of the Marxist League, the name adopted by the Communist League upon entry into the Labour Party. This ran for 8 issues.


Subsequently the Marxist League fused with the Marxist Group of CLR James to form the Revolutionary Socialist League and The Red Flag was incorporated into the journal Fight.

All our scans here are taken from the wonderful collection put together, in book format, by SL Publications. Long out of print, it is well worth buying if you can find a copy.

We have a number of additional items- pamphlets and leaflets – which we will post in the coming weeks to supplement this collection.


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