Socialist Outlook- 1948 – 1954

no149We present here a collection of 58 copies of the lively four-page tabloid newspaper Socialist Outlook which ran from late 1948 until October 1954.

The paper was published as a broad paper of the Labour left and had the support of left Labour MPS and TU leaders. It was edited by John Lawrence and effectively controlled by The Club- the name by which the Trotskyist group around Gerry Healy was known, after the disbanding of the RCP and the entry of its members into the LP- but originally had a management committee and editorial board which did not have a Club majority

When the Socialist Fellowship was set up a year later many of the people involved were the same and Socialist Outlook became a major outlet for the Fellowship’s views. However, the two remained distinct so that when the Socialist Fellowship was proscribed in April 1951, Socialist Outlook continued to publish as an independent paper. 

Socialist Outlook was itself banned by the Labour NEC in October 1954 and this is covered in the last issue we have- number 149. However, it is unclear whether or not a subsequent issue or issues, with the promised editorial board statement, were published.

With the demise of Socialist Outlook, The Club began selling Tribune instead.

Our holdings start with Vol1 no9 August 1949 at which time the paper was a monthly. By volume 4 no 4 April 1952 a decision had been made to become a fortnightly and the paper moved to whole-numbering with issue 41 on MayDay 1952

By January of the following year the paper became a weekly.

Some of these papers are in quite a fragile state and we have only partial runs. If any of our readers do have other copies, please let us know.



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