Revolutionary Internationalist League

RI logo.jpgOur post on the Workers Internationalist League and Workers International Review Group pointed to the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist League, in 1984, as a new British affiliate of the Trotskyist International Liaison Committee (TILC) or International Trotskyist Committee as it was then known.

Our collection of RIL publications can be found here:

Revolutionary Internationalist League

This includes issues 2 – 14 of the Revolutionary Internationalist magazine (we would love to find a copy of issue 1) along with some of the later Revolutionary Fighter which superseded it.

There are two pamphlets- a Revolutionary Fighter one on the Politics of Militant and Gerry Downing’s book WRP Explosion

We also have three early issues of Fighting Worker, paper of the US TILC affiliate the Revolutionary Workers League, which was distributed by the RIL. Again we would like to find more issues of Fighting Worker.


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