Workers Internationalist League and Workers International Review Group

win-logoNot to be confused with either the 1940s Workers International League or the later 1980s group of the same name, the Workers Internationalist League was a small group deriving from the Workers Socialist League.

The Wikipedia entry gives a good summary of this short lived grouping and its confusing evolution. For more detail this article and issue 1 of Workers International Review are also useful.

The WIL published four issues of a newspaper which you can find here:

Workers International News

The WIL split in early 1984 with a group breaking away to found the Workers International Review Group.

Confusingly, it seems that the WIRG continued to use the Workers International News masthead on its leaflets- such as this one – whilst the continuity Workers Internationalist League was responsible for the publication of Workers International Review (see link above to issue 1)!

Shortly afterwards, supporters of both sides of the split came together to form a new British section of the Trotskyist International Liaison Committee (TILC) under the name Revolutionary Internationalist League.

If anyone has any further publications from either of these groups, or can shed light on some of the history, we would love to know.



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