Planning ahead…

FIlogoOver the next year or two or three we hope to put up posts, with scans of publications, for most of the following (in no particular order):

  • Workers Internationalist League and Workers International Review Group
  • Revolutionary Internationalist League
  • International Communist Party/International Worker
  • Socialist Democracy Group
  • Fourth International Supporters Caucus (FISC)
  • Workers Power
  • Workers League
  • International Socialist League
  • IS Group
  • Communist Forum (Banda)
  • Marxist Party (Healy)
  • WRP- Workers Press
  • Communist League- Socialist Future
  • Communist League- SWP US franchise
  • Workers Fight- the British Lutte Ouvrier followers
  • The Matgamna tendency- Workers Fight / International-Communist League / AWL
  • Workers Socialist League – in both its Thornett and Matgamna incarnations
  • Revolutionary Democratic Group (SWPs external faction) and its offshoots
  • The Revolutionary Communist Party – the next step and the RCT
  • The Chartist tendency
  • Socialist Action
  • The League For Socialist Action
  • The Pabloites

You will note we do not intend to tackle some of the major tendencies- IS/SWP, The Militant group or the original WRP but we may well publish specific interesting publications from these- for example Womens Voice from the IS/SWP stable.

It is to be hoped that supporters of the SWP or the Socialist Party might embark on their own projects to put their historic publications online.

We will also be assisting the Marxist Internet Archive / ETOL project by scanning in some older publications from the 1940s and 50s- notably Socialist Outlook, published by The Club in the Labour Party.

Some other smaller groups, notably Red Action, the Spartacists and the Posadists already have all their historic publications online, which saves us a job!

If you can help with any of the above by providing loans of documents, or suggest groups we may have overlooked, please get in touch.


3 thoughts on “Planning ahead…”

  1. I have a chart showing most trotskyist groups from 1929 to 2015; you are welcome to have a copy for reference or put it on your website. There re probably a few minor inaccuracies but if you point them out I will correct them.


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