The Socialist Group- Socialist Viewpoint

SV1.jpgThe Socialist Group was formed in 1984 by Alan Thornett, John Lister and others who had been in the original Workers Socialist League before its ill-fated fusion with Sean Matgamna’s International-Communist League.

We will cover the WSL in both of its incarnations in the near future.

The Socialist Group published 16 issues of its magazine Socialist Viewpoint- all of which can be found here: Socialist Viewpoint folder

Socialist Viewpoint issue 1 gives their version of the events of the split in the WSL in an editorial and then on pages 20 – 24 which cover the faction fight in some detail.

Operating within the Labour Party, the Socialist Group worked closely with the International Group which itself derived from the International Marxist Group.

In 1987 the two groups fused to form the International Socialist Group.


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