Workers International League 1 – Workers News

wn-mastheadWe are here concerned with the Workers International League which, according to its Wikipedia entry, split from the Torrance-led WRP (Newsline) group in 1987.

The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism Online has a page here on the Leninist-Trotskyist Tendency, of which the WIL was the British affiliate.ltt-fi

We present a near complete run of the WIL’s paper Workers News which ran for 60 issues and was notable for its combination of agitational articles and movement reports with long theoretical, historical and polemical articles which ran over several issues- including Bob Pitt’s monumental series on the rise and fall of Gerry Healy in no fewer than 26 parts!

Additionally, the paper issued at least ten Theoretical Supplements, of which we present 8.

In a future post we will look at the pamphlets issued by the WIL, under its Prinkipo Press imprint, and also the magazine Workers Action which superseded Workers News.

If any reader should have a copy of Workers News 47 or 60 or the theoretical supplements 3 and 4, we invite them to get in touch!



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